Justice League Trailer: Atlantian muscle & Batman cracking jokes to review and react.

Over the weekend dropped one of the most anticipated trailers of the year in the form of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Giving us a longer and more detailed look at the main cast of the movie, along with a bit of the action pace, world settings and overall tone the JL trailer came out of the gate swinging with super strength.

It’s prudent to talk about the positive nature of this trailer, not only because it is a well done trailer, but for the potential easter eggs and hints at plot threads being spun throughout the movie itself.  Firstly though, let’s break down the character sections, as it serves as a reminder to who we are seeing, and let’s us see them in their element.

Aquaman is our first look at the team, and putting my man-crush on Jason Momoa side, the man is a giant. The way they portray his size and height make him feel like such a foreign character compared to the rest of the team as they are all, in comparison, small to average size people. This size difference, in my mind, speaks to the ‘silhouette’ nature many comic book characters have. If you put most Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Cyborg behind a sheet and lit it up so only their shadows came through, you could pick each character out clearly due to their unique profile. Fast forward to this movie, and I think that still holds true not only because of their body types, but also their respective armour/suits which add the respective visual flair we want.


Cyborg is next, and while I realize that his CGI is still being worked on, it is a bit disappointing to see HOW unpolished it looks still. Whether or not this is just old footage they have been holding onto for this particular trailer doesn’t take away the fact that he has a lot of great scene’s though. Shoulder tackling a flaming Humvee or going full Ironman mode with a mask to cover his face and head while flying, the mechanical nature of Cyborg has me excited to see the crazy pyrotechnics he will bring to the table. Not to mention the Boom tubes, which I will touch on later.

Lastly, we get to see the Flash doing flashy things, pun intended, as his ‘ride the lightening’ routine look visually amazing in this trailer. It will be interesting to see how Barry Allen’s powers are going to work from a visual standpoint. Is it always lightening streaks everywhere as he moves? Or maybe its only that way when viewing the scene from  his perspective, as he is so fast that to everyone else he just appears in the spots he chooses to. I also have to take this opportunity to eat a little crow here as I was not big on Ezra Miller’s flash on initial reveal and his bit spot in Batman V Superman left a bad taste in my mouth. However seeing how his powers are going to be visually conveyed and the somewhat playful nature he still has even in a fight takes many of the concerns I had and calms them a fair bit.

We obviously cannot forget about the two founding members, as they also get their time to shine in this trailer. Bruce Wayne/Batman are in the running to steal the show, only rivaled by Aquaman’s on point one liners and physical acting. Unlike the first couple of teaser trailers, the Flash is put to the side for the teams humour minus a brief physical gag that harks back to the Justice League TV animated series. What is interesting about how Batman is portrayed in this trailer is not only does he crack jokes; when asked by Barry what his super power was again, Ben Affleck turns and says “I’m Rich” which made me laugh out loud, as I was thinking it just as he said it, but he also has levity in his interaction with Commissioner Gordon, which by the way is fucking awesome!, and it shows the dry-wit that many iterations of Batman have had over the years. Wonder Woman also get’s some action scene’s to flex her physical acting muscles, and while I personally dislike the “slow mo” action scene’s that seem to proliferate her screen time, I think she still looks amazing as Wonder Woman. I am also incredibly happy that in many instance she is AT LEAST on par with her male companions, but in many cases in a leadership or front-line fighter role. While this may not make much sense to some, Wonder Woman, when written well, is an aggressor in combat and does not shy away from leading the charge or tackling the biggest enemies, so the brief shots you see of her in these types of scene’s personally makes me very happy.

If I had to point out any negative aspects of the trailer, I would say it is still incredibly dark and feels like perpetual night is going to be the main backdrop for the movie. While the beginning shows us a brief period of daylight, we get smothered by that inky, metallic darkness which suffocated much of BvS. To play devil’s advocate however, we do see that our hero’s are on a different world due to the terrain, many assume it to be Apokolips, so that could be the design of the planet. I am just personally wanting to see a bit more variation in the movies overall visual theme. I am also not 100% sold on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. While she definitely looks the part, and the brief moments of her in BvS as WW were fantastic, her dialogue was very limited in that movie, and extremely short in this trailer. I may be nitpicking here, but her accent from BvS, to Wonder Woman trailers, to this are all different, with varying inflections of her natural Israeli accent, mixed some sort of Celtic or Norse inflections to make the Themysciran dialect unique. Either way, it’s her acting ability when it comes to talking that concerns me, as she seems to have the action aspect down pretty well. I will admit, I would have prefered her to pack on another ten to twelve pounds of muscle, just so she would have a physically imposing presence to go along with the attitude, however I understand that most don’t want that and that for her, as a model turned actress, packing on that kind of muscle would be very hard for her, and add nothing to the movies overall.

Three things I want to leave you with as questions to a trailer I really enjoyed as I think DC and Warner Brother’s are finally getting savvy enough in their trailer making to get people talking about the possibilities of future projects while clamoring for their current ones.

1) Do you think the shot (below) of the thick icy glacier is a nod, or possible actual shot of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude

Superman Fortress of Solitude

2) We see both Mera with a couple/ Atlantian guards, and a huge army of Themysciran warriors for the briefest of moment’s in this trailer, so how much time do you think the respective races have in the movie? I am thinking a small amount of time for Mera, maybe five to eight minutes, while the Amazon’s will get roughly twenty to twenty-five minutes throughout the movie, as they show them mobilizing and as part of the final battle.

3) Lastly, the question everyone is asking, when do you think we will see Superman. I have heard some say half way through the movie, while others say the last ten minutes. Myself, I am putting my money on fifteen to twenty minutes in total, some of it just flashback/indirect discussion about him then his resurrection near the end of the movie to go toe to toe with Steppenwolf.

Hopefully some of these questions will be answered over the coming months in news releases and future trailers, until then stay super friends.