I am a fan and arm chair critique of video games, which is one of my biggest passions, movies and comic books. I am starting over again in many aspects of life and want writing to be a part of my life as I go forward. . . . getting salty at bad first person shooter teamates and trying to figure out why there are not more co-op fantasy story games for us to play.

The 8-bit Armament is here because I have a deep love and respect for the hobbies mentioned above and it harks back to my Shinning Force II days of pixelated battles across a gorgeous tile based system or the Red Mage looking so suave in his flambouyant hat with feather as he strikes down all his foes in Final Fantasy.

I will readily admit I am not a fan of puzzle games, and while I can recognize the significance of games like Portal or the Witness, they have never been in my wheel house of games to pick up first. I am also not a fan of GTAV, so feel free to hate on me for that.

I hope you can enjoy the journey along with me as I use poor sentence structure and misuse the comma more often than I get it right. If you have any questions, requests, or are just looking for someone to play with on PS4, hit me up and we can kill, race, or accuse the Reinhardt of not shielding properly together.


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