E3 predictions – Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony and all of their games delayed into 2017

It is nearly upon us, the super bowl of the video game world that sets up the rest of the year for immediate releases, or delays, and draws us a map for each companies plans moving forward. If the header image doesn’t give it away, I am talking about E3 the Electronic Entertainment Expo. I have written this article three times to date, intent on releasing it on Friday the 10th (tomorrow) yet each day I find some of my predictions were outed, which is both great I was correct/incorrect but annoying as I have to re-tool my thoughts. So I said fuck it and am posting this list after these final revisions. I will be discussing the ‘big three’, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.


Microsoft is currently sitting in second place in terms of units sold for their console, and as their library of strong games continues to grow, such as the upcoming Gears of War 4, their conference has the chance to bring a lot of interest with their already announced titles. However as this is a predictions piece, lets talk about the rumors and what I think is going to be shown.
Scalebound gets a finalized release date with full trailer as well as a Collectors edition with the Rider and mount statue: While this title has been pushed to 2017, which I think it the theme of this years E3, they have not given it an actual date for when. I predict that this will be the second or third full length trailer video shown.

Crackdown gets a new trailer with specific release date of 2nd week August: Crackdown has been very quite this past year, and I think the game is rife with fun and bombastic game play elements that will be picked up on by the people who enjoyed the previous games and other titles such as Sunset Overdrive. I think this is the second full trailer they play.

Forza Horizon 3 will get a teaser trailer and a have a loose fall/Q3 2017 release date: Racing games are an odd breed of game lately, as we keep seeing them announced, with titles like Need for Speed, and Rally racing, yet they never seem to dominate the mind space of major news sites. Forza Horizion, and Gran Turismo on the Playstation, seem to be the exceptions to this rule and I believe this E3 Horizion 3 will make its debut.
Halo Wars 2 gets a full length trailer and release date announced. Release date is Q3/Q4 this year: A friend of mine is a HUGE Halo Wars fan, and has been patiently waiting for the next game in the series. With a lighter first party line up this year I think we will see this game as a September or November release.

Scorpio gets a small but strong presence in the middle of the conference, talking about their “future proofing” of the brand. Xbox One gets a price cut OR Xbox One Slim is announced: This seems like a natural progression for Microsoft as they battle it out for supremacy in the ‘console war’. With a tease of information and some concepts plus the price drop/Xbox One Slim will make a lot of people sit up and listen.

E3 Playstation logo

Sony is currently enjoying a comfortable lead in this generations sale’s which is insane as they have released very few first party games/killer apps. Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, and. . . well that’s all I care about, but still they are keeping the focus on them by sliding up to third-party developers and getting the spotlight on games like Activision’s Destiny and Call of Duty. With many of their games getting pushed into late Q4 or early Q1 of next year how will they hold up?

PS4k/Neo gets small mention in the middle of the conference giving brief outline with more at PSX: As news continues to come out before the conference, I caught the article(s) that PS4K wouldn’t be a major player at their conference, so the slight revision to my initial guess, a full 10-15 minute discussion about it, was axed in favor of what you see above. I also think the PS4k/Neo will be available at PSX.

God of War Full trailer and release date of Q4/Q1 of next year to stuff an already packed 2017 even fuller. This will be the first trailer they lead off with. The name will be “God of War: Ragnarök: God of War has been a long time in the making, and rumours are VERY strong that it will make its appearance at this E3. I think it will be delayed from this year though, best case scenario being a November launch.

Gran Turismo Sport will have a full trailer and DLC/Collectors edition will be announced. This is to compete with Forza announcement: Like Forza Horizion prediction this seems likely as a way to boost awareness of the game as it will be one of the few triple A first party titles seen this year.

Bend’s game will finally get some screen time and we will see what the hell has been going on for the past 800 years (or 5, if you are counting): This is a prediction a lot of others are making as well, but it just seems like its time for them to shit or get off the pot. I don’t even know if I care what the game is at this point, I just want to know there is an actual game being made, and not a smoke and mirrors show.

Playstation VR will have about twenty minutes of stage time as they talk about launch games and their “launch window” line up. One full game will also be demoed as they talk about the system and a new bundle will be announced of PS4/VR with Camera for Holiday season: VR is coming, and E3 seems like one of the two best places to deliver its message, the other being GDC, and I am putting my money on E3. With a smattering of titles for launch and a launch window of “exciting new titles” there is a lot to talk about.


Nintendo is in a weird place. They seem to give zero shit’s about being a part of E3 on the one hand, as they do their own conference via the ‘Nintendo Direct’ but on the other hand they still have a decent presence there with their floor show and slew of games they bring. This year however they are in transition to the NX (X gonna give it to ya) so they are bringing only the bare essentials, which is Zelda, Pokemon and. . . . comfortable shoes to stand in line to try other’s demo’s? Definitely the weak one of the bunch currently but there could be some smaller titles that shock and awe.

Legend of Zelda looks fantastic and makes us all want to play it right now: Not a super hard prediction to make on my part, as I am a big Legend of Zelda fan and I want to see that series take the next evolutionary leap in RPG’s which is the larger, more open world style, Legend of Zelda that gives us a chance to explore to our hearts content.

A new Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong game will be announced for Wii U and 3DS AND NX. Wii U/3DS will be released this fall and NX version released same time as the console: I like Donkey Kong, in Smash he is my fourth pick after Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, and Bowser. I think it is ripe (he he banana pun) for Donkey and Diddy to make an appearance, especially after Tropical freeze did so well for the series.

Pokémon/Pokémon Go will take up fifteen minutes of their direct and many new Pokémon will be shown: I don’t play Pokémon, nor do I plan to. Nothing against the series as I have enjoyed the other games I did play, but I don’t have the time anymore and personally I would prefer a console version. I think this will be big for fans of Pokémon while a moot point for non fans.

Mobile games and their Mobile Partner will take up fifteen to twenty minutes of the Direct, with more information about mobile games of Nintendo properties being revealed: This also seems like a no brainer, but their partnership has been going for a while now and I think they will start to push these games into the spotlight.

Metroid is revealed as a launch title for the NX, CG trailer for the game and it looks to be a return to Metroid Prime quality: This is my “pie in the sky” prediction as Metroid is one of those games everyone talks about, but it seems no one buys as they don’t have the greatest sales. Could bode well though if it was a launch title and looked like something the masses wanted, unlike the last Metroid announcement.

Nintendo world will have its own five minutes of glory as they introduce new games and themes for both the Wii U and 3DS, talk about (but not show) how it will transition to the NX with more details later in the year: Nintendo land seems to always appear like that drunk friend you didn’t invite to the party, so I imagine it will be brought up again and I will roll my eyes, because I am a jerk and I personally have no interest in this.

Those are the big three, and while this is my first written predictions list, I have a feeling I am going to get a couple of points/correct guesses. Many of them safe, but I am feeling confident about Donkey Kong and God of War name. I will follow-up once this is done with how poorly I guessed 😀

Thanks for reading.


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