Resupply: Platinum Trophy/1000 Gamer score Got the bug to catch em all

Resupply is going to be my opinion piece format. Keeping with my silly shooter motif these topics are really just about trends, thoughts and general game, comic and movie related questions. As the first in this series I thought it would be interesting to talk about the Platinum/1000 gamer score bug that some people have and how I have reacquired after many years of not caring.

I am sitting on my ship looking at the armory, looking specifically at my enemies killed number in Helldivers This game has been out for a while and has been a fun diversion from other games, because that’s how I take a breaks from gaming. You may be wondering why this particular star is important, as most of the time game kills are either a frivolous number that mean nothing, or part of an easily achievable trophy/achievement such as ‘get 10 pistol kills’ or similar low kill tasks. My problem is I need one hundred thousand kill’s to get a single trophy, which in turn gets me my fifth platinum trophy.

To some the trophy/achievement grind is stupid, and means nothing in the grand scheme of things and that is partially correct. Your Gamer score doesn’t really get you anything valuable in the real world, and your trophies don’t give you a discount on games you have achieved a platinum on. So why does a portion of the gaming population strive to complete a game in such a manner, could it be competitive nature between friends/clan mates or maybe its a leader board race for those who are near the top and want the prestige that can be awarded to ‘the top elite’ in situations like this.

Playstation Trophys

As a primarily PlayStation player, I have been investing myself heavily into the trophy hunt as of late. As mentioned above, I only have four platinum trophies so I will never be a part of the ‘top one percent’ leader board on psnprofiles and that’s okay. My re-ignited passion for trophies actually came from the Kinda Funny community as people kept posting their progress on new games that have come out over the past year. The bombardment of platinum’s had the, potentially dire, effect of looking at the games I own, and seeing what trophies were easy to get. Then I started looking at the games coming out that I wanted to play anyways and figure out how increase my total from one, at the time, to as many as I could.

A close friend of mine plays primarily on the Xbox One, and he suffers from the same type of compulsion. He started grinding out the games he owns on that system once we started talking about our respective consoles achievement type system. With an impressive backlog of games as well not only on Xbox One, but Xbox 360 he is continuing to bump up his score 103,812¬†while my Gamer score for the Microsoft console is a mere 27158. ¬†Each ping of a trophy, or pop (blip?, chirp? I don’t know what that sound actually is) while we game together in the same room is a subtle reminder that one of us is falling behind the other in this completely arbitrary way. It get’s even worse when we are playing the same game on the same system and one of us has a trophy/achievement the other does not.


All this positive nature aside, there is still the hum-buggery of trophy/achievement lists that are f-ing ridiculous. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a primary example as some of the trophies are incredibly tough to get, such as the gwent related trophies or trying to get the achievement ‘My Kung Fu is Stronger’ from Mortal Kombat. The easy answer here is to “not care” about those particular games, but there in lies the rub as you are invested so heavily in your experience that you frustrate yourself by trying to ‘finish off’ that game.

This long-winded blathering all circles back to my current predicament of the one hundred thousand kills for my Platinum trophy in Helldivers. As much as I enjoy this game, I start to get burnt out of an experience, and now I fear that I may turn my love/enjoyment into disgruntled bitching. I am twenty-three thousand kills away, and I can get roughly two hundred kills every ten minutes, and if my math isn’t completely off, that is another 11.5 hours (roughly) of gaming to get this damned trophy.

So as I finish this off, I am queuing up another planet to launch into, as this one has a retaliation mission which can double my kills in roughly the same time. Wish me luck and thank you for reading.


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