Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoiler free thoughts and review

Today, The Force Awakens officially hits theaters and the crowds will begin to swell as the weekend rolls on. I saw the late show Thursday night as I could not wait to see the movie, and I didn’t want to have it spoiled for me while using social media.

If you read or listen to other spoiler reviews you will hear the phrase, “The best Star Wars movie since 1983”. If you could only describe this movie in a single sentence, that phrase is your tag line. This movie does so many things correct from its creature design, to its soundtrack and subtle audio queues, it will delight fans of the original series, and help dull the pain of the prequels. Humour, similar to the original A New Hope, was well used throughout the movie. It showed off character personality traits and allowed the audience to live alongside the characters through out this film. Speaking of personality almost every character, new and old, grew in a meaningful way throughout the film.

Even with all the attention to character growth and beautifully rendered environments, there were still a few things that nagged at me. Some characters, in my opinion, were severely underused, and left me wanting more from them. Others, were either introduced quickly then never heard from again, or given roles without any seeming substance or reason behind the decision. Now to be fair, these are mere nitpicks I had with the movie, but they detract very little from its overall excellence. JJ Abrams had 30 years of lore to squeeze into a two-hour and fifteen minute movie, so its understandable if there are small gaps or characters not getting the screen time you might want them to.

All in all this was, in my opinion, a great movie. Not ‘perfect’ but a damn fine show, and I look forward to watching it two or three more times. A full spoiler review will be up Tuesday next week to give time for the public to watch this latest addition to the Star Wars universe.