It might be the biggest Drake you see all year, massive billboard overlooks LA Convention Centre for E3


E3 is directly infront of us, and boy are we excited! As a first time attendee, I have my sites set on doing everything possible, and with that in mind, I am glad that Nathan Drake will be watching over me as step outside to grab a quick break for air/food.

Sony is no stranger to erecting massive billboards/posters/ads at conventions, and this year a Thief’s end will. . . end. That is the rumour at least. Many fans have surmised that this is Drakes last hurrah, but a cryptic and potentially trolling tweet from Neil Truckmann continues to keep us in suspense.

“Looking might good for his last E3” goes the tweet, and is paired with an devil emoji icon.

Personally, I am a fan of having a character runs its course. There are games/characters which allow you to have a continuation of a series, such as Mario or Street Fighter, but games like Uncharted, Halo, Mass Effect and Dragon Age would, in my opinion, suffer from that type of longevity. The series can continue by all means, I would love to see more Uncharted games, but like Mass Effect, putting an end to one story arc, or character arc allows you to keep a great universe, but expand upon it in new ways with new characters to fall in love with.


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